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Read This, It's Cool

it's all about the goddamned verbs

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Read This, It's Cool is a community dedicated to discussion short works of fiction available online. Though the founder is definitely interested in speculative fiction, shorts of any genre are welcome here.

here's what you do:

you find a story that is online, and you post to the community with a link to the story (don't paste the story into the entry!) and then you host the discussion of that particular story for anyone who wants to discuss it (and use of the LJ-Cut tag is recommended, especially if you're at risk of spoilering.

now I had discussed this earlier, and a rule i'm going to implement for hosting a story shall henceforth be known as The Butterfly Clause (thanks, buymeaclue) and here's what it is.

If you are a lepidopterist, and you discover a new species or sub-species of butterfly, you win the right to name that butterfly. However, you may NOT name it after yourself - so when I got all excited at finding what was possibly a new sub-species of Chorinea faunus, I could not call it Chorinea faunus chelsea. I could have named it Chorinea faunus jayalethii after the guy who patiently went through and pinned all the little guys so I could find out if we had five of the anomalous little dudes.

So shall it be in Read This, it's Cool - you may point out a cool story, but it can't be your cool story. it can be the cool story of somebody you know, or is in the community, or is on LJ.